Assessment Review

If you feel that your property’s assessment is too high, you have the right to a formal review of the assessment by the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) on Grievance Day. Grievance Day is the 4th Thursday in May. Applications for grievance may be filed after May 1st; but no later than Grievance Day. Forms for Grievance are available at the Assessor's office after May 1 or online and here.

Grievance Chart

NYS Grievance Form – RP-524

NYS Grievance Form Instructions – RP-524-Ins

We encourage all property owners that disagree with their assessments to call the Assessor's Office and make an appointment with the Assessor prior to filing a Grievance.

When grieving your assessment, you must develop your own estimate of the market value for your property. This can be done by comparing your property to recent sales and/or current assessments of similar (comparable) properties. The following suggested documents can help to show the Board of Assessment Review how you determined the proposed market value of your property:

  • Completed Grievance Chart – used to show the characteristics of your property and comparable properties - Use Grievance Chart form below
  • Photos - showing the front and back of your house or property and photos showing the comparable properties
  • Street Map – showing the location of your property and comparable properties used in your grievance
  • Recent Sales – sales within the prior two years but before July 1st of the previous year
  • Vacant Land - include information about slope, grade, type of natural cover (trees, fields, brush, rocks, swamp, wetlands, etc.), road access / frontage
  • Commercial Property – please include income and expenses for the business
Please make sure to submit a completed Assessment Grievance Chart with your grievance application.  Additional information about grieving your assessment can be found on the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website.