If you see wild animals or baby animals...

In spring and summer, Animal Control will receive calls about baby rabbits, deer, fawns, baby birds, fox kits and raccoon young. The basic rule of thumb is to leave them alone. Most of the time they don't need human assistance.

The parents have a schedule of care that is different than what one would expect. Deer leave their young for many hours a day while the mother feeds elsewhere. Baby rabbits, when seen, have a den nearby. Raccoons and squirrels young are left alone while parents look for food.

Do not handle wild animals. Keep domestic dogs and cats in the house when wild animals are present.

Bears with young are not to be bothered. The safe distance for bears, especially with young is far different than what would be considered safe distance by a human. When a bear is in the yard stay in the house or car and keep dogs and cats away.

If you have questions about wild animals call Sand Lake Animal Control Officer or go to the NYSDEC website to find a Wildlife Rehabilitator near you   Contact Us - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation  and click on injured wildlife.