The Animal Control Officer enforces both the State Law and the law of the local municipality. Common complaints are made by town residents about such things as animals running at large, barking excessively, destroying property and other violations.

Appearance tickets may be written for violations based on a signed complaint. No citation will be issued without a signed complaint. When the complaint is signed, the complainant can expect to go before the town judge as witness to the event(s) that precipitated the complaint. The law requires that an accused person be able to face the person who signed the complaint. Sometimes a simple warning or clarification of the law may be enough to solve a situation.

If there is an issue call Animal Control. Give your name and phone number to the Animal Control Officer and explain the problem you are having. Your options will be explained. Most often situations can be resolved with no legal action at all.

Some people make anonymous complaints. (A  percentage of such calls are based on retaliation and disputes with neighbors and are unrelated to any animal related matter.) A complainant can request Animal Control try to resolve an animal related issue while remaining anonymous to the animal owner. Those who will not identify themselves, even to the Animal Control Officer, may invalidate their complaint.