Dog License

Town Hall is open for business Mon - Fri - 9:00 - 4:00.  Dog Licenses can be processed @ Town Clerk's Office or by mail if you prefer.  

New York State Law requires that all dogs to be licensed annually.

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets issues renewal notices. However, they are processed in your local municipality.

Before a license can be issued or renewed; the following are required: 

  • Current proof of rabies vaccination. The Rensselaer County Health Department requires all dogs four months of age or older to be vaccinated for rabies. This information is crucial for the general public's well-being.
  • Proof of spaying or neutering, if applicable. If that is not possible, a signed statement by the owner acknowledging that the animal is spayed/neutered will be accepted by the Town Clerk's office. In addition, if your dog is lost, stolen or passes away, please notify the Town Clerk's Office.

Fee: For a neutered/spayed dog $8.00 annually.  For a dog that is not neutered or spayed $13.00 annually.

In the event that the dog owner does not respond after several delinquency notices their name is forwarded to the Animal Control Officer for further action. The Animal Control Officer will visit the residence for final compliance. If no attempt is made to license the dog after all these procedures, the dog owner will be ticketed and/or fined with non-compliance of State and Town law and a Court appearance will be scheduled resulting in significant fines.  

The Town of Sand Lake has a Leash Law.  All dogs must be on a leash when not on their own property.