Sand Lake Town Trails Map 2020 (click on map to enlarge)

Town Trails

The Town of Sand Lake Walking Trails, located on Eastern Union Turnpike in the heart of Averill Park,  provide the opportunity to hike, stroll, or sit in the picnic area and enjoy nature along the Wynant's Kill stream.   Parking is available.

The trail was conceived and developed by citizen volunteers led by the Environmental/Open Space/Recreation Committee through the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Continued expansion of the trail is envisioned. 

For suggestions or to get involved, please use the Contact Us form for the Town of Sand Lake and direct your comment to the Environmental/Open Space/Recreation Committee.

Dogs are permitted on the trails with the following conditions:

  1. Every dog must be on a leash.
  2. A permit must be obtained from the Town Clerk who will certify each dog is licensed and has a current rabies vaccination
  3. All dog waste must be picked up and properly disposed of by the walker. 


Walking Trails

There are three individual Walking Trails that all begin at the gate to the left of the parking lot. A total loop not covering the same pathway is approximately 1 mile. All trails have a bench near the middle.

At about 100 yards into the woods, the Yellow and Red trails turn left down the hill toward the creek and the Blue Trail turns right up the hill.

Red Trail: This trail is approximately .6 miles. It splits from the Yellow Trail and heads down the hill (behind the post office). Because it is through a swamp, it is sometimes wetter than the other trails. . It makes a loop in a wooded area and returns to the trail along the Wynantskill. In a few spots, fish are visible in the creek as well as an occasional muskrat or snapping turtle. There is a bench in the area of the swamp. 
Yellow TrailThis trail is approximately .5 miles through the hemlocks. It is relatively flat and meets the Blue Trail at several points.  It is quiet and cool in the summer. A bench is located overlooking the swamp and a small spring fed water way
Blue Trail: This trail is approximately .4 miles and travels uphill toward the Firehouse, and there is a bench at the top.  Mountain bike trails cross this trail. A connection trail to the picnic area meets the Blue Trail near the top. The Blue Trail can also be accessed from the opposite end of the parking area from the gate.

When using the trails, please stay on Town land and do not go on private property or the firehouse training area.  These are indicated on the map and are marked on the trail.


Other spots near the Town Trails

Creekside Bench: There is a bench located just inside the gate to the trails that offers a view of the creek and is warmed by the sun in the morning and is shaded by a cherry tree in the afternoon.  It is a great spot for individuals who are not able to navigate the trails to enjoy the area.   
Picnic Area: A picnic table is located near some old apple trees. It is the purple trail and can be accessed from 80 yards past the gate or From the Blue Trail.
Mountain Bike Trail: A group of volunteers has been clearing mountain bike trials and is building a pump track. These general areas are shown in black cross hatch on the map.
Dog Park: A group of dog lovers is raising money to build a fenced dog park near the parking area. Community events for dogs and their families are held throughout the year.


About the Area 

The land is a drumlin, sloping to a wetlands.  (A drumlin is “an extended, oval hill or ridge of compacted sediment deposited and shaped by a glacier.)

The wetlands feature shrub swamp, red maple-hardwood swamp, soft rush, needle spike rush, and water purslane. It features frogs, tadpoles and campeloma snails and there is evidence of beaver. The drumlin is partially forested with a stand of hemlock. Some rare ferns (maidenhair and spleenwort) and mosses are present. The Wynant's Kill stream bed also shows evidence of birds, deer, raccoons.

Drone video shot in 2017 can be found here: Town Trail Video