Important Assessment Dates

 March 1st – Taxable Status Date

This is the date that is used when determining the condition and ownership of property. Additionally, ALL exemption applications must be received by the Assessor’s office by close of business or post-marked by the United States Post Office on or before March 1st. *Please note that if March 1st falls on weekend, exemption applications must be received by the following Monday.

May 1st – Tentative Assessment Roll File Date

The tentative Assessment Roll is filed this day; all properties located within the town are listed on the roll and assigned their tentative assessed values. The roll includes ownership information, the tentative assessed value and exemption amounts. The roll is available at my office, online, and a copy is kept by the Town Clerk. Additionally, this is the first day for property owners to file an Assessment Grievance.

4th Thursday in May – Assessment Grievance Day

Board of Assessment Review Assessment Grievance Day is held to allow property owners and/or their representatives an opportunity to make a presentation in support of their property assessment appeal. For additional information regarding assessment grievance please see the What to do if you disagree with your assessment section

July 1st – Final Assessment Roll Filing Date

This is the date that final assessment roll is to be filed and made public. The final roll incorporates changes made resulting from grievances filed and corrections made.