Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes collects Town and County taxes.

Property taxes are collected by the Town January 1 - March 31 each year. After March 31, taxes must be paid to the Rensselaer County Bureau of Finance in Troy.

Tax bills can be found at this link.


Credit card charges are accepted at this link.  However, the transaction processing fee charged by the credit card must be paid by the taxpayer.  That fee is currently 2.45% .


Make checks payable to: Robin Blais, Receiver of Taxes.



  • No penalties if postmarked by January 31, 2024.
  • 1% added if paid during February.
  • 2%  added if paid during March.
  • All taxes paid after March 31 must be paid directly to Rensselaer County Chief Fiscal Officer at the Rensselaer County Government Center, 1600 7th Ave., Troy NY 12180.  Additional penalties will be added at that time.